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This category is for artists that use hip hop as a genre and who are making music that is different from the mainstream. This means that they are working together in an underground setting, and can be identified by their use of rap in their music.

“That’s not the only kind of underground hip hop,” says D.L. Walker, who directs the Rap & Hip Hop Studies program at Boston University. “There’s also the more commercial hip hop artists that use the genre.”

“I think there are a lot of artists that do both, but if I’m going to look at hip hop being used for both a dance scene and a scene that is primarily hip hop, you can’t make that connection. It’s an impossible connection,” Walker said.

What’s your favorite thing about listening to hip-hop?

This means people who are using hip hop as a music genre, but don’t feel compelled to be called hip-hop artists.

This category also includes artists who use hip hop as a hip movement. The term “hip-hop”—like “rap”—has a certain meaning that you get from being seen as part of hip-hop, whereas hip hop is a style that may refer to more than one type of music.

“I can relate to hip hop as being that style in the way we talk in these terms, but I think we need it to be differentiated from the more commercial and popular art of hip hop,” Walker said.

What can we learn from hip-hop?

This category is for artists who find the pop sensibilities of hip Hop to be too hard to assimilate into their own style. The word “hip-hop” is used in its purest sense to talk about music to which people with similar tastes connect.

“I think that hip-hop as an art movement has become so mainstream now,” Walker said. “I’ve seen music that has become mainstream in the last 10-15 years, but I’ve seen others that have kept their identity for years longer.”

Why does hip hop feel like it has become “too easy”?

This means artists who are making music to be loved by other people. This is the type of music that may attract people to listen to as an artist, rather than just a means by which people can enjoy themselves.

“I don’t find that to be a positive thing,” Walker said. “I think that when there are other elements to a song,

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