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It would be difficult to find one, but one author (see below) gives a reason why.
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“In India they have a festival called Tisang (festival of the two moons). It is the most ancient festival,” says A.V.Ramachandran in A New Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences (Duke University Press, 1994). “The goddess has a great body but you don’t see many men. Women, and the boys, dance around the goddess. They wear red costumes that give them a very sensuous atmosphere. The men wear the white masks to show their purity and innocence. And then there is the dance; it is very exciting and often in front of thousands of people, girls and boys, all of them dancing in perfect unison.”

And it is said that a woman called Jadavrakshmi first got together some good tunes and invented them herself. Ramaswamy (see below.)

Some say that the Jadavrakshmi is a goddess of the harvest — and hence we do hear her say that a woman can find her own soul again in her own wedding (also see this video).

But there is a second, more interesting story.

“We don’t know how to calculate that age. But some believe that it was around 940 B.C., but that is very doubtful,” says Ramaswamy.

The woman who invented dance — or how she might have done it.

Ramaswamy says she came up with the idea of using “griveless” and ‘dances’ — which included the jai kari — which are used by traditional dancers of the subcontinent for an hour.

In some books, women are said to have taught this to their children through Jadavrakshmi and the jai kari.

“I have found out that Jadavrakshmi has her own dance book with many rules, so she must have come up with all the rules by herself. I would like to know the source of such a book,” says Ramaswamy.

Now, back to the dance! So what do we see in this YouTube video of Rangshambhu (above)?

“A dance which is called “nawab” or “nawal.” If you see Nangoli Dance, you will know the “griveless” part. It is not a dance in

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