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“The original form of dancing is known to Europeans as ‘The Game of Dancing’ – but it was not always that way. It was a form of dance that was introduced to the Western world by the Moors in the 8th century, and was the precursor of what we know as music” – “The Game of Dancing”, by William of Ockham

You are an expert at playing the social dance for one man with no friends and no money, in order to prove your manhood to him. Then he pays you with your clothes to watch him dance.

This is not as entertaining as it may seem to you at first. I don’t know why so many people play that game. A bit creepy. But then again, it’s just like playing computer games of a similar nature!

“The Game of Dancing” shows you how to get a man to dance like you are showing him how to dance!

In order to play the social dance, you need to get your friend to dance too. First, have a conversation about life issues with the man you’re playing the social dance for (in the game, “you” are called “A”). The best person to talk to would be someone he’s dating. So, if you are talking to his girlfriend, you are going to be able to tell where she is on the game.

(You don’t have to do this conversation with him)

You have to have a “game plan” of sorts. When you play the social dance, you have to remember that it doesn’t matter what happens during the “game”, and you cannot let things end before your “game” is set. Make sure you set the best possible conditions to make your friend to dance like you. Try to pick a topic that will get your friends to dance.

You can do this by asking him about some specific issues that he has. Maybe he has a little problem with his job or his career. Ask about it. A lot of people tend to have some sort of problem with something. You can also ask a lot of your friends and relatives that may have some specific problem. Sometimes, they ask why, or talk about why. Ask them about how they have managed or what their problems were. (Maybe they have a little problem with their friends but you’ll find out that this is just another normal thing among people around you)

When you know how to talk to your friend about his problem, you can then set

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