Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Lessons Houston Tx Weather

Do you think it’s because it’s in French?

I understand that some might find it funny, but I think it’s not, for me, because ballet is a wonderful art form.

It has a very specific character, and in the French context there is a very specific rhythm that was built upon for centuries, even before it was incorporated into the modern art world.

And so I’m not trying to make up new rhythms for myself in ballet. I feel that I’ve taken elements that I love from ballet and used them to create my own rhythms that I’m absolutely thrilled with when I’m going to play in a small number of pieces in a dance hall, or at a performance.

My son has just started at a high school, as an instructor, and I’m playing in a very small number in an art school. What I’m saying is that that’s where he’s coming from and his experience, and I’m also aware of the fact that he’s only just started and I’m sure that he’s going through some very difficult times with the fact that he won’t go to school.

I guess the point I’m making is that people can choose to say, “Oh, yeah, I love that type of art form.” But then of course they’re going to be disappointed by it, in the same way they’ve been disappointed before. It’s hard for me to imagine if some people are going to be able to do something that makes them happy, and then when someone else wants to do something that makes them happy and you think you’re going to want to do something that’s hard for you but makes you happy, no big deal.

Do you think about that sometimes? Are you thinking of when you’re going to be in an art school and they’re asking you for inspiration?

No. I don’t have that fear. I’m not one of those people that has that fear of not being able to achieve something that I love. There’s no problem. And maybe that’s why it has a great tradition of expression and I just love it. I’m not afraid to give up anything when it’s not a piece that I can’t give 100 per cent of my energies to on it’s merits.

You mentioned something about dancing and the work that you do. I think a lot of musicians and other performers also want to be able to perform what they want to do, but they can’t.

Well, yeah, for sure. When

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