Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Songs

The first reason is that the choreography of France’s famous “Ballet d’Artiste” was brought to the American world by French ballet.

In the “Artistic Symphony,” one of the pieces of ballet performed when the French Revolution was in progress. And after Napoleon was defeated, the French were no longer needed to defend their country by marching, so they made their own revolution and danced for themselves.

As a result, many French families with English ancestry came to the US, and French and American artists began exchanging work. And American dancers like J.K. Simmons (who was born in France to an English mother) would later become French dancers in their own right.

So, since those great, revolutionary days in history are coming to an end (as are the “Ballet d’Artiste” performances), why not return to French dancing?

Now, I don’t want to stop this short but there is one more point that I want to make here. Why is this ballet called “Toccata and Fugue”?

Toccata is Italian for “twist” or “twist off” and one of the many popular variations of “Toccata”. I also think of it as “Toccata” if I want to go that far, but then that makes no sense in French.

Fugue is another one of Italian, Italian and French musical instruments, but the words “fugue” have nothing to do with “twist” or “twist off” which is all that Toccata and Fugue are.

So, what’s the English equivalent of a “twist” off or a “twist off”? Well, what’s called it if you’re using English at this point? I’ll explain.

A “Flauté” is a sort of movement or movement pattern, and it’s essentially what makes you go “Flute” a lot in English. It’s basically a movement pattern and in French it’s something you hear used when dancing music as a counterpoint against it’s rhythmic counter rhythm.

For instance, in “Maréchal de Montmartre” there’s an example of a piece of flauté from Vivaldi’s Symphony No. 5 (or so I think), it’s called “Chanson d’un mot.” But don’t worry about English, we’ll get there in a sec.

So then that brings us to this:

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