Why is Dance important in our life? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi Weather 10

There is something about the human body that we want to move, something that is inherently powerful. With dance, the body is not at peace, it’s at war. Because of this, our bodies are constantly on the move. It’s a war, it doesn’t matter how fast you run or jump, it’s all part of a dance of liberation. For most of us, dance is not just a thing to do once or twice a week. It takes up hours of our day.

Do you have a favorite choreography from the choreographers who brought you to this industry?

I really love all the ones that were created by the dancers and the people who worked with them. I think they’re incredible. I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into making that choreography possible. For me, it’s about wanting to dance to something that matters and trying to figure out how I could make that happen.

Do you think the future of Dance is going to have a large range of styles, or do you think we’re on an increasingly monochromatic landscape, where a dancer’s only connection to movement is with another dancer?

Dance is so universal, and so varied in so many ways. I think that for me, I’m really comfortable in all the kinds of dancing. I’m not interested in just trying to be a great dancer, I know that doesn’t necessarily translate into success. What I do is not my job; it’s more my calling which I am very happy to share.

Do you think that people are making dance more competitive than ever?

To me, that’s completely ridiculous. I never even heard of choreographers calling it choreographer competition. Even if it was competitive, it’s still a totally different conversation.

You’ve been called the Queen of Dance and the World’s Next Dance Great. Who do you think you are?

Right now people just think that because I’ve been nominated for this award, I want to get it. I don’t. I don’t want to even think about it.

But then how do I even describe myself? Are you the Next American Idol?

I’d be more than pleased to do that, but it’s not me.

Would you call yourself the new Beyoncé?

I would never question my ability to continue to create that path. I’d even enjoy it. But, I think there are so many other styles of dance and styles of talent out

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