Can I spray paint paper? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Musical Articulations

-Absolutely, if you go to the shop and select the Paper or Paper-Jet type, you don’t even have to see it in front of you. The quality of your paper is very important. You don’t want to go home and find that you have to pay more for the paper you want to use.

-How does it work and what do I use a spray can for?

-You spray the paper down on your table or work surface. A spray can gives you all the control you need. Choose a nozzle that’s designed to be smaller than an aerosol syringe, because with large sizes you can spray all over your work table. Or you can put one on each end of your work surface so that you can spray in multiple directions, or just on one side of your chair. Spray down a sheet of paper, then flip it over and spray the other side of your work surface. When you spray down a piece of paper, hold the spray can in one hand and then spray the other side of your work surface.
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-How can I know when my paper is perfectly dry and how should I care for it?

-You need to have a dryer under your paper to remove water from your surface. Water tends to stay, if you keep the paper properly dry. This type of paper is extremely durable. If someone hands you a sheet of paper and says to take it to the dryer, then don’t do it! The dryer gives you just enough warm air to dry your paper, so you put your paper back to the dryer, but don’t put any more hot air into the dryer than you need. You’ll likely end up soaking your paper in hot water. After you’ve poured your water out of the can, take your paper out of the dryer and rub it dry. Dry your paper completely by gently wringing it dry and then running it under cold water.

-How do I get this to look good?

-The surface should look like your home decor should. For example, it might look a little wavy or bumpy. But don’t think there’s nothing here that’s not very well done. There are certain techniques that can help make your piece look professional:

-Using a spray-on finish, like gloss, that gives you a finished look.

-Using a brush, such as a brush-top, to work on the paper.

-Shaping the paper to

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