Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Synonym

No, as long as your paper is not made from recycled paper that is made to the same standard that paper produced by a manufacturer that does not meet EPA Standard for recycling.

How can I make sure my paper is recyclable?

To make sure your paper is recyclable please review EPA’s paper-by-paper recycling requirements. For more information on Paper Recycling and the EPA’s Paper Recycling Guidelines go here. To find out your state recycling guidelines, go to Paper Recycling Resources here.

In addition, paper companies are required to provide paper recycling and diversion programs. If you are interested in more information about recycling, or how to make a donation to a paper company, go to Recycle Your Paper program here.

Where can I find some helpful information on paper recycling?

To find out more information on paper recycling for your small business, go to Paper Recycling Resources and follow the prompts to search for information here. If you are looking for more information on Paper Recycling as defined by our Paper Regulations, go to Paper Recycling Guidelines.

What type of recycling can we do?

Paper is recyclable if it meets the following requirements:

It is:

Made from:

New paper; used paper; discarded paper If the content within the product includes: pulp

The paper is made from recycled content.

It must be:

Reusable in:

Tricolor paper cartridges

Flexible or transparent film (e.g. photo paper or translucent film based on paper).

Ceramic or glass fibers, including rolled paper, cardboard, paper towels

It is:

Tested to determine the appropriate strength of the paper.

The product complies with:

Environmental regulations governing the processing of paper and the disposal method in which the products are collected

The use of:

The material is recycled within the United States and is disposed of only in accordance with EPA’s Paper Recycling Guidelines

Can I buy recycled paper at the store or online using a credit card?

You can purchase recycled paper in the store or online using a credit card. To do so, add an authorized Cartamundi account to your PayPal account and follow these steps:

1. Select the appropriate cartamundi account under “Cartamundi,” including the appropriate card symbol(s)


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