Can I spray paint paper? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos For Kids

If you are using a special spray can for the paint you want to use. A great place to experiment with these is the back of a spray can. It is much easier than spraying using a can and you can mix different paints in there. The problem with it is that if you spray too hard a few drops of paint on someone or something you will have to be very careful to avoid damage or other issues with them. So use caution before trying this.

How do I get the water off the canvas?

Using just a spray can and a little elbow grease this goes without saying. You can also use a hair dryer to do this but it’s very difficult to get the water off.

What tools do you recommend?

You can use almost any sort of paintbrush you like, but I would go with a dry brush. You do not need paint thinner to apply it. But you do need a paintbrush because of the very thin coat used here. So a brush works extremely well for this.

How to create an invisible print?

To create an invisible print take a piece of dry paper or card stock and mark the length on one end. Trace the other end with a marker. Now with a glue gun use a lot of glue to glue the lines of ink together. Do not use paint because it will stick to the page which will then make it impossible to see the ink. In theory you can use a few different paper types. For your first attempt just lay down the paper or card and cover the print with the glue and put another layer of glue on top. The glue will hold the two pieces together making it look like an invisible print. The final step is using a pen or wet and dry marker to trace over the print and to add the extra details such as details for hands. Once you have this done you can go back and add pictures to the paper to add a more realistic look.

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