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We recommend applying it without a top coat. However, for some applications, water based paints, acrylic paints, and enamels can be used.

How long does the wax work?

We like to say that there has never been a better time to wax since it became popular 20 years ago. Waxing keeps your vehicle, or any type of vehicle, looking and feeling great and doesn’t take long.

Can I wash the wax off the paint if I have any streaks or marks?

No. The wax is a waterproof finish that can be washed off.

Can I use a spray gun to spray the wax over my vehicle?

No, the wax must be sprayed directly on to the paint.

Can I place the wax over the base of my vehicle and have a special finish applied?

Absolutely not. It is not approved for such a installation.

Can I use it for a special coating in my vehicle?

Yes, a special finish like varnish or lacquers for example can be used.

Will my paint last once I use this?

Your paint will not be able to hold up to the waxing and the wax can eventually change the color of your paint. Our professional waxing service helps you avoid a few major issues.

When should I use it?

Our wax does not usually last very long. It works best when applied at least one to two years ago. It will also fade slightly and may need to be repeated.

What is the best way to apply the wax to my paint?
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To a lightly sprayed paint, simply rub the waxed area against the paint. To a fully coated paint, apply just enough wax to be absorbed by the paint and rub the paint vigorously with the thumbtack that follows with good coverage.

Our wax will dry and remove cleanly from the surface with a mild, comfortable dryness.

We recommend you use a hand vacuum cleaner and a clean cotton cloth to clean your vehicle. Wax can get stuck in the cracks and crevices which means the wax will leave a stain which can be hidden or removed by waxing your vehicle before it is stained.

What should I look for when ordering my wax?

Wax and oil based products require a minimum of three coats of wax or oil to ensure full adhesion. Our waxes are not only durable, they have an excellent UV-Resistant rating and are

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