Can I use Rustoleum spray paint on fabric?

If you’re using Rustoleum spray paint on fabric it is highly unlikely you will be able to successfully apply it. Rustolesque is very sensitive to air moisture and will not adhere to fabric at all. The spray paint will stick to the fabric and, when air is allowed to touch the fabric, it will dry faster than any ordinary dry spray paint used on the fabric. The same goes for fabric coated in any other type of dry fabric paint (cotton fabric, nylon, wool, etc.).

Any spray paint that has a thick enough water-resistance will work. In fact, you can use any water-resistant spray paint (i.e. Rustoleum “White”.)

I had a friend tell me that Rustoleum spray paint on fabric won’t adhere to fabric at all. But, I also have had good results using a water-resistant spray paint. So, does this mean that Rustoleum spray paint will work on fabric?

Yes, although it will be difficult to get to the surface if you are using a water-resistant spray paint. Also, some fabric-based adhesives won’t hold onto spray paint. If you have the patience to work around the dry-erase on your fabric before applying an adhesive or other material, and if you know that Rustoleum spray paint won’t adhere, then you should consider using a water-resistant spray paint instead of Rustoleum.

Can I get a Rustoleum fabric dryer or a Rustoleum wall dryer out and use Rustoleum spray paint on fabric?

You wouldn’t want to waste a whole box of Rustoleum spray paint and just give it to your mom to use in her home. If you have a large box of fabric to spray around, use Rustoleum dryers. The dryers will help you avoid spray paint drying on the dry areas of the fabric that the Rustoleum Spray Paint will stick to, especially on older, distressed fabrics. Some fabric dryers have a special button to pull out the fabric. These buttons can be easily removed when the fabric is dry. It is also very important to know that some fabric dryers won’t dry on fabrics that are stained. To see what kind of fabric could be stained, you may want to take the fabrics to the home improvement store and ask the salesperson what kind of stains are acceptable to use Rustoleum spray paint on.

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