Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Spray Paint Art For Sale

The answer is no, but what you do in order to get rustoleum around the edges is exactly what the Krylon paint does with the Rustoleum:

A lot of people on this board have done that before, but this is the quickest way. Use Krylon paint.

How much is a gallon and a half? I thought it was a gallon and a quarter?

It’s more than that.

Is there anything I should know ahead of time? There are a couple of things you should know.

First, paint can dry extremely slowly. We had one gallon of paint dry in 30 minutes on the back half of the paint. (There was a few minutes of some dry paint that were a little bit hard, but it was still pretty easy to paint over.)

Second, most spray paints aren’t really resistant to all the chemicals used. The Krylon paints are extremely resistant to those, even if you spray it on your face or in your face paint and have it dry at a reasonable rate of time (see “When to Use Krylon Paint”). If you don’t use a spray paint machine, you’ll need a spray can for the entire paint. We like a can that holds about 3 ounces.

Third, there’s a chemical called a triclosan. It’s a very weak detergent, and it comes in different concentrations. The first concentration of triclosan is in most of the food and food ingredients in the U.S., and the most common is about 2 parts per million. The next is about 4 parts per million. The fifth will give you an effect that is more like the chemical in food. And a sixth or seventh or eighth is about 10 parts per billion. The fifth is a very mild form of this and it’s not a problem. So the next time you come to work, just spray the entire can full of a mixture of all these concentrations (see “How Do You Use Triclosan Products?”). This will help the Krylon paint dry very quickly. This is the best way to use that can.

You don’t have to use all the triclosan, but that’s just the best way to use the triclosan.

How should the paint be treated now? Well, the easiest thing is to just apply it using Krylon spray cans. (You can also spray it with water, but it won’t be more effective.) It’s not that hard.

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