How do I start spray paint art?

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First, if you’re starting from scratch. You have to get your hands dirty in order to start, since it’s hard to go back and clean things up once you’ve painted a few things. The important thing is to try your best not to get all the paint on your hands, but try and get some on your hands. I recommend using a brush – you’ll just get more and more done. But if you’re not feeling bold, you can use a brush-like brush, like a marker, and use it to get everything on a smooth canvas. A spray can should be used as soon as possible, if you can, to get everything on the canvas (I’m pretty sure if you’re looking at it from a few feet or more away, you’ll see the best result with a simple paintbrush). I used this spray can a couple weeks ago for my last project – you do what you have to do. When I was painting that guy’s head, I only used the spray can a couple times due to the long-term application and use; I have a spray cleaner, but it took a while to do it right. So, I’m just using this now for my next project.

Next, I use a water paint brush to pick up everything on the canvas from the paint can. If you don’t have a water paint brush like I do, I recommend learning to create paint from scratch. You can find a free book on this technique from the Library of Congress, and learning how to create paints from scratch will give you the edge over someone who can create the paint using a water sprayer. Here’s how to create water paint by the way: Start by spraying a tiny amount of paint in your paint can. Once all the paint is on the board, pour another tiny amount of paint in your paintbrush – this will create the color you want to use, so it’s best to pick up all the paint on the board. The water color you end up with will look almost like the color you intended to use before you applied any paint. To paint all of the faces from left to right, I used about 15-20 brush strokes – about 3-5 paint strokes. Once you have a good idea of what you want to paint, move on to the hands.

For the hands, you’ll need to paint everything one more time. To do this, I used three brushes – one for every color – each about an inch or so on each hand. I used those