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Most painting techniques in the last decade have to do with using watercolor, pen and water to create abstract shapes, the process, for this art form used paint, oil paint and water and the process is quite a bit different from painting with water.

The goal in spray painting art is to have a unique or unexpected visual effect, to show emotion, imagination, feeling and in most cases are created using only spray paint as an instrument.

The process starts, with the beginning in the canvas, with the water painting on wood or metal, to see where the paint will go and the end with the end result, which is always a bit different. The water and oil paints are the easiest to use since they are quick, easy to use and easy to store in a spray can for later use. The other important aspect, a must to consider, is the humidity. The humidity is important, as it affects the ability of the spray paint to create the desired effect. A humidity of 80% or more, is usually considered great for spray painting.

How do I clean my work?

This should never be done in your head because it will be too chaotic, too difficult and too time consuming. Spray painting is not very permanent, so if it dries you can either do it again or let it sit in a damp environment, which might not be a good idea as it will likely turn it into a stain, therefore the best thing to do is to never ever spray paint.

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