How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Easy

Or do you, as an artist, never get caught?”

“I know you think I’m a fool, and that I’m not serious. And I respect that for you. I’m not going to show you the way. I don’t see any reason to because I’m just going to walk right by you. I want people to enjoy the art, but I don’t think it’s fun for people to get to know me or the music. I don’t want an issue with you.”

“You don’t think art should be a big deal and you don’t think you’re serious. You just want people to enjoy the art.”

“I just want them to enjoy art.”

“I really thought I liked graffiti because of the message it carries for young people. And that’s what you said earlier.”

“Yeah. It comes off too serious because of some of the things I have seen.”

“No. You’re just trying to say that it’s art.”

“Yes, because it’s hard to think about the consequences of what we’re talking about.”

“I’m just saying that it’s like a song, it’s a record, it’s a song for everybody. You can use it to be negative, but you can also use it to be positive.”

We had a good conversation. I told him about myself, and then he told me about how he’s always liked my music. Then he told me about my band. Then he told me what his friends are doing. Then he told me the song he likes to put on the CD when he watches a movie.

I said he has a good voice. Then I told him how I’ve always loved to watch movies with him. Then I told him about this band I like to put on when I’m out for a drink, something to keep the party going. Then we had an awesome conversation about why we like each other’s music. Then we stopped talking and I asked him to kiss me.

A.L.P.’s latest effort “Nuclear Love” (released Sept. 21 on Parlophone) arrives on iTunes and Amazon. The album is available for pre-order now.

–Jamie Killen

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