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The process of mixing colors is done in a similar manner to dry brushing, and the most basic tool is a brush that is made from plastic or some other material (like wood) but which doesn’t have paint in it. Just be careful not to spray paint on your metal! If you don’t have a brush, paint a layer of white paint over the color you want. You can also use spray paint, but in my opinion, it is a better way to go since it gives you more control and it is easier and more efficient to do. The most important thing when mixing colors, especially with a very light shade, is to have the color mix so that it is opaque and evenly distributed throughout the area and not spread out at all. Don’t think it is good to let it dry in the mix at the right time! When mixing paints, a couple thin coats of paint with no color on anything else is usually good enough. A couple of thick coats is a good idea, at which point the color will start to spread out in the air and you will be able not only to see it visually but also to feel it. For a more intensive look, coat the area with several light coats. When you get it right, you will notice little patterns in the paint that create depth and are easy to identify and locate. The paint will be the same in every shade, so use a good light-colored palette. This is best achieved on light colored surfaces. The same thing happens if the paint is too thick. To give your paint some texture, use a white layer or two to fill up the color in the recesses and then apply to one or the other and the paint will soak right in. If the paint becomes too runny, just pour off the excess into a paint-soaking sponge/brush to further firm up the coat. The key thing is that the color remains a light color throughout. Any darker color on the surface will look wrong (especially if the light colors are too dark for your taste). If you have a hard time getting a color to mix smoothly, the paint is likely to be too thick, too runny, or too uneven in every direction. Try using a paint sponge to mix the color together. This method takes a little practice to learn and be consistent when you do so, but it will be easier and you will be able to do it when you are painting a lot more than few colored areas. Soak a very thin layer of paint in the buffer. Try it with just a few
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