How do you spray paint fine lines? – Easy Spray Paint Art

It takes practice!

Paint a 2ft x 3ft square piece of cardboard with the black ink you want to paint.

Make two lines of ink in the middle of the top.

Lay them out parallel with the paper in a circular pattern: one with a sharp tip, one with a thinner tip.

If your pencil is too shallow, or you think your line is too short, your line will stick to each other. It’s OK, just get a new pencil if you make a mistake.

Let the paint dry completely on the cardboard.

Once the paper is fully dried, paint it white over the white lines from the pencil.

Then make a different set of white lines with black-painted pencil.

When your line is completely dry, start over with a different set of lines.

Then change the color as needed.

Finally, use a new piece of cardboard and paint another 4ft x 4ft piece of parchment on top (do not use any other paper).

Apply the parchment and lines to your work area. Try to use the same spot each time you spray paint.

The black outline on the parchment (marked with a “#”) will have a black outline on the surface of the water. So, you can use a marker or wash the paper with water to remove any white lines from the black outline. As the pencil points up (or down) the paper lines, the white lines fall down to form the outline.

After the lines are completely dry and dry completely on the parchment, you can do these steps again with the two- or three-part line-to-sheet technique to keep the white lines at the same height:

First, you have to paint down a portion of the black outline using the black ink.

Then, you paint it back up using white-painted pencil. This is to make the black outline more visible.

When you’re done with your pencil, use a clean white-painted paper to keep the black outline away from the parchment.

After a couple of times, you’ll start to see some really long lines form at the corners: this is the first step in the final technique, called “shorter lines.”

Here’s how it looks.

You’re now ready to create more long lines, more fine lines. Here’s how:

First, draw a line on the parchment (as close to the tip as you can

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