How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Beginner

I don’t know!

Here’s the idea: To create a clean line through a design, follow these steps:

Select a paint, or a paint-spray gun.

Squirt paint down the side of the line you want to form. Keep spraying until you achieve a smooth, clean line, or until the line stops appearing.

Now, spray the line once. Leave it for a moment, and then wipe off the excess.

The same trick works for stripes, but remember that the pattern may look somewhat thin at these points.

Then repeat the steps above with the next stripe.

The end result will be a perfect, fine line.

4. Create a striped “sketch” on a sheet of paper

If you need a quick, easy way to start your design-making, there are lots of great ways to create designs. You can also use a pattern for a better result, in which case, here are some ideas to get you started.

For this exercise, use a scrap of paper. Create a pattern on the paper, and then take it to work. Here’s some good ideas for stripes.

Use this page on the Web site of your choice to write a pattern. Be creative; choose a pattern you like and then change the colors.

The more patterns, the bigger your design becomes. You can use many different patterns to create intricate patterns. For example, you could make patterned flowers with stripes; your color palette can match that of flowers grown in your garden.

Try this technique, in which you’re free to create different colors. If no colors interest you, try using different types of pattern. Here’s one idea: A white, round border with a black, circle border.

And now: the last exercise in using a pattern to create a design…

Now it’s your turn! Take a look at the “How to Get a Perfect Stained Line” below, then go find something to try out in the next part of this book. It’s time to find out how to draw a line in your design with a brush, but if you’re not happy with the results, it’s time to try something else — something with a little more finesse.

Let us know about your experiences and your thoughts in the comments section below.

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