How does spray painting work?

Spray painting is an art and craft for those who have the desire to “go all in” with their painting projects. As with any art skill, there is no right way to paint a specific object. Painting can be an art of expression, so keep your vision wide and your eyes open. What you paint can look completely different from the object you paint. You could take inspiration from your neighbors building a new home, or from paintings of birds by artists of diverse styles, backgrounds or locations. You can even get inspired from the amazing scenery that the landscape gives off. It’s all good fun and something that I am a huge fan of because I know that it can help me become better at what I do in life.

What tools do you use for your paints and wall art projects?

I use different tools for each piece of wall art or paintings as my style. It can come down to your personal preference, so make sure you go find some of the tools that work for you. I like to start out with some basic brushes and acrylic paints that I purchase to begin with. I usually use one size for each type of painting. I also prefer acrylic paint over watercolor as it allows me to experiment with more colors and textures without a big investment into purchasing more paints. The best tool for any painting is the right tool for the right occasion. I like to use acrylic paints so that I can explore new textures with my spray painting. I find acrylic paints have a more realistic feel and also help the paint to last longer so I can paint as many times as I want, which in turn makes my pieces even better as I paint more, which I have always done!

How do you paint your painting? How long do you paint?

I really like painting on canvas. Most of my wall designs are done on canvas and my paint is applied later. I like to keep as much of my creativity and work in it as possible from my first piece to the ones I finish. In my painting, I prefer to paint more in small amounts and get away from the larger pieces that I usually do. The only exceptions I have been known to paint on are a few pieces of furniture or some of the large pieces and murals I have made. I would say as much as 80% of my works are done on canvas.

How long does it take to paint a painting, what is your time budget (and what is an average painting)?

The average painting takes 3 hours or 3