How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Youtube Spray Paint Artists

We are a pretty tight-knit group, so we have been doing graffiti for a while. I started graffiti as a teenager. I didn’t even do any school graffiti, but I made a huge pile of paint and wanted to get a tattoo. My older brother was really into graffiti but I was more into punk rock and stuff. I was making a big pile. I did a huge dump of paint. There was a really big problem and we ended up going down to the police. I can’t say too much but we ended up going to jail for six hours. There was only one judge there, and then she cut it all up and gave me a letter. I never made it to college, but it was at least worth a shot. There is always that moment when you want to be famous.

What are your favorite tags, and which are yours?

As I mentioned, the first time I got my tag was probably around the time I started tagging. There are so many tags I have now. I am also a big fan of Trench, and I think it’s the best tag you can get. It’s my favorite. I also really like how they all came together when I started.

Do you have a favorite?

If I had to pick one. There are so many. I am super stoked that I am getting to hang out with all the cool taggers from out of the west!

Tell us about your favorite tag.

That wouldn’t really be correct. I have a favorite that is the tag I got all along. That makes it a little harder. I did really well doing that, so I can’t really complain.

What is one of the most difficult tags to take off?

It takes me a while just to put the first stripe down on a new tag. It gets the job done though, and it kind of feels like a proud moment when the whole thing is done. It has always been my least favorite because it always takes about 30 minutes. It’s weird and a pain in the ass. It’s like trying to climb a mountain in the dark.

Do you have a favorite tag right now?

Graffiti Characters -
No. I think that a while ago I said my favorite tag was a tag I got for my birthday. That was fun. I actually have the same kind of tattoo. I’ve been in a lot of fun tag wars but I think it is a little hard to pick one.


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