How much will one can of spray paint cover? – Spray Paint Art Street Artist

We provide 6 different colors

This kit includes everything you need to color your house! You can mix and match colors for a more unique look. The kits come in 4 colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Bright White, and Black Grey. If you want to go really wild, you can get our Black Red Kit.

Does my household have any mold?

Yes, your house can have mold! We highly recommend taking your house apart and cleaning every nook and cranny. Mould is everywhere. If your house didn’t have mold, you might just have mold.

Are all products sold in a kit?

Our company’s goal is to offer products that you can use without the hassle. That means our products don’t include preservatives, artificial materials or colors, so you can try a sample, mix and match paint colors to get your final look and feel.

Where can I find other people’s house color ideas?

You may want to look for home improvement blog entries and forums. You may also find others with creative ideas on Pinterest. You can find links to some of these on our About Us page. I have found that when I share my love for something, other creative people respond! Check out our forum on Pinterest.

When can my house be painted?

House colors vary depending on many different factors. The final color can be anything from black, red, yellow, bright white, or Black Grey. Each color should look the same. We do our best to match the colors with each other and with your furniture. I will try to tell you if the colors could not be matched by a certain amount.

If my house will show some signs of mold, will you paint it?

Molds are everywhere. Every house will show signs of mold if it’s poorly maintained. While you can’t control what goes on in your house, you can control what goes on at home. By keeping your home in top condition, you will prevent it from molding from the inside. If you are in desperate need for a house paint job, visit us. Our prices are better than most paint stores.

How do I order?

We can take your order in a few weeks or in several weeks depending on the project you want. Our custom painting studio is able to do any project in 30 to 60 days. We are not currently taking phone orders. We can do most paint projects for your home or family.


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