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HBO has announced that the forthcoming third season of Game of Thrones will be the last. The long running fantasy epic is set to end its run in 2019 with the announcement that David Petrarca has been cast as Khal Drogo. Check out the first trailer for the season below.

Season Five of Game of Thrones will premiere from August 2018 all the way to October 2019.

For the most part, women don’t understand their partner’s gender. It isn’t their gender that bothers them at all. What is more interesting to them is how much they dislike it.

According to recent research published in the journal Psychological Science, women are more prone to find the presence or absence of a male figure offensive. Women also dislike negative and unattractive male traits more than positive and attractive ones.

For instance, when a man is dominant, it is considered attractive and attractive women will find it threatening. This happens because feminine traits, such as charm, grace, sweetness and gentleness, are often repressed in women, especially if their male figure is depicted as a dominant role.

In contrast, a woman’s femininity is considered acceptable, which makes it attractive to men. Therefore, when a man is dominant, it is considered masculine and masculine women are considered attractive and thus are more willing to fall in love with him. This creates an unfair advantage for men who can attract and protect women in their lives with more authority and a higher status.

“We think women and men’s perception of each other’s status is influenced by gender role expectations — both traditional gender roles that were once prevalent in many societies and gender role expectations that are often implicit in many contemporary norms such as heterosexuality,” the researchers write.

For example, in the 1950s many American women felt the need to protect themselves from men who were aggressive, and that is still true today.

“We find that most individuals are either unaware of or take a negative attitude toward men who are the objects of female gaze, even among those who are committed to maintaining social norms of dominant heterosexuality among women,” they explain.

This is interesting because it suggests that if a man is dominant, women are even more likely to find him attractive.

The researchers point out that women’s attitudes toward men’s dominance and women’s opinions are shaped by gender role expectations.

“This suggests that the way men and women perceive one another is shaped by a culture-level expectation that women and masculinized men are less desirable than women

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