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1. Liquitex paint is a spray paint based paint that we use. It’s sold in a variety of grades.

2. Liquitex spray paints (like any spray paint) contains water for its application. As such, it’s not a good choice for covering surfaces with liquid. Liquitex spray paints are sold in a single coat, not multiple application as a liquid.

Note: Liquitex paint is used in the following areas:

(i) Floor spray area: This area includes the floor, but also includes the wall above the floor, to the wall to the left of the stairs, and to the left of the ceiling above ground level.

(ii) Floor grates, trim, trim strips, cabinet trim, trim wall, wall panels, roof, and roof rail.

(iii) Ceiling vent cover, air duct, electrical boxes, mechanical boxes, plumbing, appliances, wiring, electrical and mechanical boxes, and electrical and mechanical box doors.

3. Liquitex has developed several line of products to cover different surfaces but all of them use water or a water based product for their formulation; therefore, they should be safe to use on any surface. The following table summarises the safety characteristics of Liquitex paint:

Note: Liquitex paints are sold in a single coat, not multiple application as a liquid.


1. Do not use Liquitex spray paint with liquids such as aerosol sprays. These are too flammable. For liquid, the liquid should be either a liquid formulated for liquid use or liquid in a formulation approved to handle liquid at a safe level for use. There is an aerosol spray at a lower level than Liquitex. It is called “Airborne Spray Spray” or “ASPS”.

2. Do not use Liquitex spray paint on windows or doors and do not use Liquitex spray paint on electrical boxes that might contain electrical wires to be operated on.

3. Do not operate Liquitex spray paint by hand in corrosive materials.

4. Do not use Liquitex spray paint and Liquitex Liquid spray paint together in a paintball gun. This will not produce a uniform, safe-use product. It’s a bad idea.

5. Do not mix Liquitex Liquid paint with Liquitex Spray paint. Liquitex spray paints are an effective, safe coating for liquid

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