Is liquitex spray paint acrylic? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

Just spray paint, no glue, no other materials. This is a good alternative for paint thinner or thinner paint, for those who don’t want a mix of the two.

How to make your own? Follow this instructable: How to Make Your Own Liquitex Spray Paint Acrylic.

1 gallon. The liquid used to make liquitex paint can be bought through Amazon, or can be found in a hobby store. You can also find it in an art supply store or at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, or Office Depot.


Mix half of the alcohol with half of the water and set aside.

Add half of the solvent mixture to the alcohol and stir.

Add another half water and stir.

Add the other half of the water and stir.

Add four tablespoons (10 ml) of the solvent mixture to each canister and close the can with the nozzle.

You should have a mixture of about one cup water, four tablespoons of the solvent, and five tablespoons of the solvent mixture in the canister.

Store the canisters in a dark, tight container. Never store more of them than you need because the solvent and alcohol will mix with those canisters and possibly produce fumes. (I’ve had some bottles explode and others leak. If you have trouble with the bottles, read more here.)

2. Mix Votive Spirits with Paint

If you’re a painter, you may be interested in the Votive Spirit. Mix two gallons (bottles) of the paint with one gallon of spirit and shake it.

Add about two gallons (four bottles) of white spirit to keep it from separating. You could also use a mixture of white vinegar diluted to four tablespoons by volume.

When you’re ready to paint, add the liquid to the paint while stirring. It will have to sit in the mixer for several minutes.

3. How Many Bottles to Use?

I think it depends on your budget:

My paint collection came to about six bottles of paint that were all used.

My paint collection came to about four bottles, but my studio still had two more bottles of paint.

My paint collection came to two bottles while working on a project.

What are your favorite brands of paints?

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