Is rustoleum 2x enamel?

Any info?

I have the exact same item that yours does, so I will probably purchase it as well.

This is the product that I ordered and love it (thank god for being able to order online if I didn’t have to return it and wait till they return their stock) , I am very picky and only buy products that I will purchase again. I will tell all my friends who are on tl and say it is a great product, and a very easy to use.

How did you determine how to cut off the corners?

Good job.

My family uses your company

We have used Rustoleum brand products for generations and we would like to buy your rustoleum products for every occasion.

The rustoleum looks like the red box of a candy bar, but I can’t eat it. Do you know where else you can buy it that’s not red?

I can’t eat the red box. My only other option is to order online and pay cash, which I am very reluctant to do. So I am hoping that you can help explain the difference between the brown box and what’s shown here in the brown box. Also, would it help if I put a pic of the two different boxes?

How long can this product be used?

Thank you for your question.

How can I tell if I have cracked the seal on this paint?

The seal is broken.

My daughter has to take away half her nails because of this product! I have two bottles that were purchased for her to use at home. Do I have to sell them and have to wait till everyone else has used them?

We’ve seen some concerns on this issue that are currently being investigated.

What do you think about the use of acrylic nails in fashion designs? Are they safe for people with sensitive skin?

We think the use of acrylic nails will work to enhance the appearance of your designs, rather than create a harmful substance like acrylic paint. We also like what they look like.

I’m trying to apply a very thin coat of rustoleum and I have found that it was not getting through the edges but I am not sure if that’s because the paint is too thin and there are too many of them that I need to apply. Any suggestions?

You will want to ensure that the paint is as thin as possible. It will take one application for every two and a