Is rustoleum good for spray paint art? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Leaves Engagement

(by dirk, boston, ne)

P.S. Do you like the rustoleum?

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“This is a very important part of the story,” said Richard Olinger , who runs the Center for Biological Diversity , a nonprofit that defends the endangered species. “There’s a lot at stake. The federal government is getting a raw deal and the companies are getting a raw deal.”

As of this month, oil and gas companies had won preliminary approval from the Fish and Wildlife Service to drill on about one-fifth of the 1,800 acres of protected waters across four states: California , Oregon , North Texas and the Gulf of Mexico .

Many environmental groups opposed the drilling. They have accused the industry and its supporters of misleading the F.W.S. and the public. Mr. Obama has taken the position that environmental review of the permits should be performed with equal seriousness before a final decision is made, similar to what occurred for oil and gas leases in Alaska.

But opponents of the drilling say that while he would take the same

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