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You’re probably wondering the exact same thing I did, right? Well, yes, it’s good for spray painting. But I’m not sure that it is. I did some research and found a couple of good articles, some things I had heard from some friends, and just some information from people who have been spraying rustoleum paint with a lot of success. My two favorites came from this article from the website of the Rustoleum paint store in San Francisco: “How to Keep Your Paint Sprayed Well and Last” and from a piece on the website of one of the biggest online dealers for rustoleum paint in the world: “I’ve been spraying paint with rustoleum for nearly forty years and it works perfectly every time. I used to go down to paint stations every weekend and got my spray duster soaked in the paint and had mine dry in 12-18 hours. If it kept on spraying, it didn’t matter what the weather was like. I always kept a spray bottle handy, even when I was on the road.”

When your paint is dry, you can use these two techniques to help you get a good finish on the piece you are spraying. If your spray bottle is still saturated in paint, you can gently touch it to your hand to dry it out. It will almost smell like the spray can.

Once you spray, you’ll need to repeat this, but then you need to let the piece dry, if possible. You use a paint brush to get it soapy, and apply it to the surface. The better a surface is for you, the better your finish. If you don’t have a brush and have painted a large piece, it may be time to rework the surface yourself.

A good rule is that you will start painting on black areas, or as little paint is available as possible. As far as drying it out a bit, I suggest letting it dry as much as you like for the first eight seconds that it is spraying, then putting the piece back in the sun at about 80% to finish drying. If it has dried up completely, no paint can stay on or go on or onto the metal. If it can’t, repeat the spray and allow to dry for even longer.

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