Is rustoleum good for spray paint art?

I think I have never spray painted anything this old!I got so much great feedback from fellow followers that I decided to take the time and find out! Here are a few of my favorite questions asked so far :- Is it true that rust on a chrome surface is the same as Rustoleum rust? No. When this site is updated (I’ll keep updating this section so there are no gaps in it) it will show these results: Now what about spray painting? Yes. You can spray paint any rust resistant surface. What works really well on rust in my opinion is a paint thinner, just like the kind you put in your car to help seal air leaks. When I spray painted my bike, I used Rustoleum’s “Rust Control” Spray, which is a medium that dries pretty quickly and is effective on a large variety of metals. It is a bit sticky but if you want to make a big splash you can rub it on the metal. It should not be too much for the metal, but just enough for the paint to stick to it. It also dries fairly quickly, so you can make a huge splash that the paint will not stick to. Here’s a picture I took of a rust patch I did on our home:I’m also getting some great questions about other paints. This includes the original Red Line Red, which I have been painting with for years. Here’s what I’ve found so far. When you buy Red Line, the base color is supposed to be a dark red, and then your brush is supposed to be a bit of a brown color. Since I only made the brush brown I used a very light brush on my paint and not as dark, resulting in a very dull paint. Since I used a lighter color, it didn’t seem to bother any of the other paint brands I’ve been painting with. The same brush worked better on the Rustoleum Rustoleum Rustoleum Red, also a very nice brown color. It is a really great paint for painting in places that rust is prone to, such as old wood and metal, since a brown paint will be less of a rust stain. I’ve also tested some of the other rust-resistant paints I’ve been putting on my bikes, and have found that this is NOT the case, unless you have a lot of brushes. With all the brushes I have, especially the spray paints, it can be a little tough to