Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Spray Paint Art By Sketch

Answer: This has already been answered in other places here including the “FAQ” page or the “How-To” page. When I mention “enamel”, the common term is what most of you think of. Rustoleum lacquer is a hard enamel made for use with glass. It consists of thin, hard enamel crystals that form over time. This is a very durable coating and does not suffer from the deterioration that hard enamel can (in my opinion), and can, which can be extremely detrimental to the looks of an area. It is important to note that Rustoleum enamel can also be used for decorative purposes as long as it hasn’t been subjected to heat. Also in my experience, it takes about 2% heat to form the enamel and it will last for many years unless you overheat it. Many people think that enamel isn’t durable but you can actually use it in a lot of ways, and can make it look great. For example, you can use a Rustoleum metal paint and still use the enamel for that purpose. However, I wouldn’t use a metal paint to paint over a real enamel with for example, you can only use a metallic finish. The same applies to a Rustoleum piece which is what I usually apply.

What about enamel?

Answer: Yes, it’s a harder coating but it’s not nearly as difficult to apply as enamel. It is important to note that the enamel is not a hard and fast coating, it can take over a week for each coat to be completely cured. The enamel is also made of harder materials, and you can’t just paint over enamel.
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How do I use it?

Answer: While it can certainly look great, I would recommend against applying the material to a wall or another type of surface to cover something like a shower curtain or window. You will still take your own risks and damage your property.

What if my material rustles and is visible?

Answer: A normal rustling sound is from the surface rusting (it’s called “sagging”) and will not be an indication of any permanent damage to the material. You can however, hear rustling if you use something like tape or fabric tape. This usually just indicates that the tape/fabric is slowly becoming stained by its own rust to the level that it will eventually fall off and reveal itself under the surface.

Is there anything I should know

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