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Rustoleum lacquer is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic pigment. In contrast, enamel (also called enamel finish) is a durable surface finish with chemical resins. Because enamel is durable, it has the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 730 degrees F (399 degrees C). As a result, even a short period of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays is likely to cause damage to a car when left exposed to this form of light. The UV rays that damage a paint, like other ultraviolet rays, are also harmful to human cells that are more susceptible than others to damage. Enamel should therefore be kept away from sunlight and the sun’s UV rays. Another danger associated with UV exposure is the development of skin cancer.

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The same safety issues apply to any form of paint or finish and should be taken into consideration when choosing a coating.

When will the paint finish oxidize?

Rustoleum lacquer, in some cases, can undergo severe oxidation that can lead to rust and damage to parts. Oxidation, in this context, occurs when the metal part is exposed to air when it is wet. The air can also react with the metal part, oxidizing it, or reacting with the metal part’s chemical compounds to produce a toxic by-product. Oxidation is a relatively small problem when using enamel or rustoleum to protect sensitive parts. If it occurs when a part is exposed to light, oxidation can be significant and the metal part may be badly damaged, even to the point of breaking. In fact, parts that are exposed to a lot of UV light are more likely to have oxidation than parts that are not exposed to light at all. If you notice rust or damage to a part, call a professional. In most cases, enamel or rustoleum finish coats are safe for most vehicles.

How does rust affect a surface finish? When a surface is wet, the water that washes off the paint becomes chemically converted to oxides of iron. Oxides of iron, a form of rust, produce a rust-eating action on car parts. Oxidation can even lead to corrosion in a surface finish that is exposed to high temperatures during the sun’s time. There is nothing in nature that will destroy a surface finish or prevent it from oxidizing.

Is rust going to corrode my car?

When exposed to sunlight and the sun’s UV radiation, surface finishes can be affected by corrosion

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