Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel?

Rustoleum lacquer is used for some of the decorative surfaces on boats and boats. As a surface layer of resin, it was one of the first to be developed because it was cheaper than enamel. The primary uses of its product include decorative surfaces on aircraft, marine, and ship building.

Enamel is also being produced in large quantities to finish vessels and boats and to provide structural and mechanical support to vessels for transporting to and from port and naval facilities. To obtain a satisfactory degree of adhesion, enamel is mixed into a solution of water and water-soluble polymers (such as polyoxyethylene and polyethylene glycol) and then painted using either hot or cold press techniques.

Most major brands can provide you with a list of which polishes, finishes, and coatings can be used and also provide prices and other information.

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