Is Rustoleum paint waterproof?

Like most watercolor paints, Rustoleum’s watercolor paints are not supposed to be waterproof. It’s a fair bet that the rustoleum color will be more yellowish (or maybe red) than watercolor paint itself and, consequently, more prone to chipping under water. In some cases it will take several attempts to get the watercolor paint to come into contact with the rustoleum paint. But you probably won’t be using this paint for most applications.

Why didn’t the Rustoleum paint break when I was washing a shirt?

A Rustoleum paint’s plastic cap is designed to keep water from entering the tank, so you probably won’t end up rinsing your shirt with a bucket to get it free of any rust and then putting it back in the tank; a washcloth and a bit of water will most likely get it clean enough for painting.

Rustoleum paint is made with the active ingredient copper, which is actually poisonous, so you should use only distilled water. Some people have reported that some of the Rustoleum paint has some iron in it, but that may be the result of a chemical change which doesn’t exist in watercolor paint. So, if you want to protect your paint, use distilled water.

Can Rustoleum paint be worn on top of regular paint instead of underneath?
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Yes! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s cool! You can find a huge selection of top coats on their website at They have a wide range at $24.99 a quart, but you can also order them separately at a price that’s less than $18 a quart. You also have the option of buying one of their special rustoleum top coat colors on their website. These are available in all different finishes which are called “paint colors” (or “paint colors and polishes”) and they have various colors you can choose from. They say that these paint colors are good for use on cars, bikes, and other vehicles in high humidity (under 90F!) to protect against rust.

Can Rustoleum paint withstand salt water?

Well yes, if you put the Rustoleum top coat on a cloth towel, it won’t absorb too much salt, but then again, I’m not trying to scare you. It’s still very much in the nature of a watercolor paint to fade when treated