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There are many options to choose from and you are free to choose whether you want acrylic nails or oil painted nails. Most acrylics will last at least months and sometimes longer than that. Oil is a bit more expensive but you can get nail polish that is acrylic-free and still look great. Oil is not necessarily easier to get out that acrylic. The downside of using acrylic is that any nail color that may have been applied over the nail polish will not be as easily removed to put on nail polish without having to re-coat. There are plenty of different oils you can use in place of acrylic. But you will definitely need to wear gloves or a protective nail guard when using any of them. When you use nail polish or nail varnish you can simply dip them in a small quantity of nail polish. But not all nail polish is the same! You may have to experiment and choose the correct one for your nails for a given color or shape of nail. This is sometimes the case with nail varnish, as not all the varnishes are the same.

Do nails grow?

Nails tend to grow over the years. They are simply a result of the environment in which they grow. For example, in a warm climate, nails grow in a little faster. They are usually smaller than they once were. If the nail becomes too thick you can add a layer of oil or a nail varnish to it. Or, you could just put it down and go to school!

Do people always make me pay for my own nails?

It is very possible that you have not gotten those cute nail polishes at the store or had someone else paint your nails for you because of some bad judgment on your part. Yes, it is always possible to get your own nail polish (and to pay for it, if your nails don’t get too big or too short!). However, there is always an insurance policy if you do get someone else to do it for you, even if you have paid for your own nails.

Is there a nail polish I do that people say is good for my nails but not mine?

Yes! There are a few nails types and certain nail polishes. But most are available for all nail types to match the skin on your hand. It’s not just one type or color that is better or not. You will want to pick out that type of nail polish that you are going to be using on different parts of your body and have it

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