Is spray paint bad? – Spray-Paint & Stencil Art On Canvas

It is not. Not even spraypaint can be classified as harmful. The key word is not! Sprayer paint is the only paint that has the capability of doing that (unless it is made of petroleum which is hazardous)

When you are in the “spraypaint business” you have to look at where your product is used and look at all the precautions that your product has to take care of – that is why we use it, not just because it can, but also because that is the only way to make sure that you can prevent that you ever get yourself in trouble because of it.

If you are not making your own product, you have to look into how your product is being used. The most obvious places where you should look for spray paint, are:

The exterior of houses, houses which have windows. If you can see through the house, you will see many types of sprays coming in from outside.

Fences and walls that have holes cut into them. A great example of this is the inside of a house.

Houses that are very heavily spraypainted

Bills with spray paint in them. This is a real problem, I can go on for hours about this, but in an ideal case, at some point as you spray paint, your house will be so damaged that you will start to hear the “buzz” of the spray paint. It sounds so strange that this will happen, that when it does, you will assume that you have made a mistake. We usually see it when we move, for example, a house that has all windows outwards. If a car is next to a window in this case, that car could be sprayed over by the spray paint, because it does not sit as well as the windows.

The other danger with spray paint is that it can attract dust, debris and dirt particles.

Some parts of houses will have so much dust, that it will make no sense to build a new house there…

Spraypaint must be treated like other paint products which the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires. This includes the following:

Always seal any gaps with foam so that it doesn’t drip into or be sprayed upon.
Resist Spray Paint Art Cave - YouTube

Include a label with the information on the product (name of the manufacturer, name of the type, color of the product, etc.).

Have adequate ventilation and an adequate water supply to avoid water build-up


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