Is spray paint expensive?

Yes. Spray paint is a chemical compound. It uses energy to generate chemical bonds across surfaces. This energy can range from about 500 to 1600 watts per square inch and comes from the use of oxygen in air (pumpers, fuel, etc.). The spray paint on a car is not so important, since there are no other ingredients in that paint. On a surface that is the size of a small table top, it is possible to spray paint 100 or more feet without affecting the surface with any sort of physical damage as far as we can tell. The chemicals in the paint mix will not harm the surfaces of any car that is not coated with it. It may take weeks for paint jobs on cars that have been coated by spray paint to be done.

If you are an auto painter and use one of the top brands mentioned earlier, you will likely be able to do an adequate job without having to spray it everywhere with the force of a thousand suns.

The downside of spray paint is that it is expensive. The one that I use for a lot of home projects is the Tamiya Superglaze Ultra Dark. This is essentially “spray paint” with additives such as the following:

Tamiya Ultra Dark (2.5 oz)

Aqueous Basecoat (2.5 oz)

Glaze Compound (0.5 oz)

Aqueous Glaze (0.5 oz)

This works well for some areas of a car (paint on a car windshield on one side and all over the vehicle on the other), but it has a tendency to turn yellow in more areas that are not treated as well. It is also very difficult to clean because it is so sticky (especially if you have been using a high quality cleaner such as the One Perfect Clean). It is difficult to use with acrylic paints which may have little or no adhesives on them.

This particular combination of stuff should not be used on anything that has been painted in the past.

Spray Painting and Paint Jobs

Spray painting techniques used by auto enthusiasts can be used to paint just about any car!

Car Paint

Car paint is generally a mixture of 2 or more products.

One type is the regular car paint. This is used to give the surface the nice glossy look. Most are sold with a few additives like the Tamiya Ultra Dark.

Other types of car paint include spray tan/tan/beige