Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint Art Video

Yes. Spray paint is water based.

Do you use a special method to clean the paint?

We use a water based sealant and then, to maintain gloss, a fine point cleaning oil and/or polyurethane foam is applied.

Do you use glass, painted or clear?

Glass has to be thinned to give a flat finish or the paint may come off. This process is very slow.

Does your paint come on easily when you hold it in hand?


Does the paint burn easily when you spray it?

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Do you use UV protectants?

Vinyl can be treated with UV (and possibly a good amount of other UV protection).

I would like to know a little bit more about your process and your products.

Your paint does come off easily and the clear coat lasts quite some time. We do recommend you leave the clear coat on for a few days to help maintain shine. There may come a time (as with most things in life) when you wish to remove the clear coat completely and not worry about it. We are a small company and can’t afford to hire a professional to install or maintain your system.

I would like to know how to use your products?

Your products will help maintain your car’s paint with a special sealant that is applied with a brush. We do not use a water based sealant, as it may discolor your paint and can lead to a problem with light transmission. We use a fine point cleaning oil and a polyurethane foam, similar to an oil based sealer. I would prefer to have that on hand but it is available for purchase if you can’t find what you need. You do need to do your homework when purchasing this product because some paints contain ingredients that may be harmful.

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