Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint For Sale

Do you need to buy an alcohol, glycerin or anything else when you want to paint a car? No, it’s water based! It dries instantly and the paint will show up almost the same immediately.

How often do you paint your cars. I think I painted for about 3 years.

How much does spray paint cost? We started at $35/hr and went up around $50/hr in the last year. But I can pay more than that…I’d love to do more.

Is it permanent or just temporary?

What type of car do you paint? Do you paint your car the day before or the day of a race? Usually one day at a time, because we do not run a long track time frame.

Do you do regular/heavy/over the head work? Only occasional work.

Can you tell me any more about your paint?

What types of cars do you do? I did an oil car in 2010. I really like it.

Where do you paint? I paint almost everywhere I go.

Why don’t you do oil cars? For years I painted cars with oil. I have the best of both worlds. First it is oil on the paint. Then I use oil as a lubricant, so you will get oil where you could not paint. I have done a long stint where I was working on the track daily, and it was great because I always had some oil on my car and nothing more. I have done the oil job once on my front end every weekend. But it was not perfect and there was always some oil. Now I really love that. I like just spraying and never using as much oil as possible.

How much do you charge for your car and garage rentals? I charge $35/hr for my car and parking at our own facility and $40/hr for garage rentals. The money goes to fund our training program. I do these because I do not have a business. I want to provide a place to do training with my clients, so I take out all the stuff that I’m not using and use that to fund a program. I charge $55/hr to do an inspection, then we charge $100/hr extra for any things that you take to the shop if you want a full service. Our clients do not feel bad. In fact, they love it! So they pay more for things, which is good for us.

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