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As one of a series of “Fiction for Fiction’s” we’re proud to offer you an exclusive sneak peak at new work by two new talents.

First off, we wanted to mention and welcome our long-time friend (and longtime fan) Tanya Gersh. Tanya is one of the world’s greatest children’s and adult novels authors. She is also a former president of the YA Writers Guild of America (YWGA), and will be accepting her own novel award in an honors category at the upcoming 2014 Toronto Comic Con.

Her latest, The Lace Up Book of Stories, will be coming out on November 28th.

In addition to Tanya Gersh are the incredibly talented Ben Johnson and Scott Dies. Ben’s first novel, Love Me and You’s was an immediate #1 New York Times bestseller, and Scott Dies’ first novel, The Story, a collection of over 80 short stories and poetry is currently on pre-order.

With both books out in the world now, we are thrilled to bring you their work. And since Ben and Scott are both well known internationally, we would be honored if you are interested in learning more about them and signing their books.

You can learn more about Ben at this link or contact him to get signed copies.

As for Scott Dies (and The Story), you can email him at for more information.

The most common question by far in the forums is “where do I look for a cheap, well-made, great looking, well-liked, well-built and well-built looking car?”. This seems to be a good question and you will certainly do well to google it with some searching but there are so much out there that can be confusing that it isn’t worth the trouble.

To get you started, here’s a brief description of where to look. This is by no means comprehensive, some of these details have already been covered elsewhere and others probably exist.

The first thing to look at is the paint finish itself.

In the car world, paint finishes are often described in terms of “bright”, “muddy” and “clear”. In the UK, “muddy” is the “best” and “lightest” paint finish. For the sake of consistency, we will use the term “bright” for all finishes, “muddy” for “soft” and “clear” for “hard”.

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