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You don’t have to wear a costume to write graffiti on the sidewalk; it’s all about the words, how they appear. What follows is an introduction to a new type of graffiti tagging technique, dubbed “laser tagging,” that is taking on a whole new meaning in the modern day. Laser tagging is the art of writing graffiti onto surfaces with a light beam that is invisible to the human eye. (The term “laser” is short for light. These tags can be very precise in how they are written.)

The name “laser tagging” is an acronym of the words “laboratory tag” and “laser tag.” Laser is short for light. (By the way, no offense to the laser tag. I’m just playing with the terms.) In other words, laser tag is just like writing on a wall with a laser beam.

There are three basic methods for using a laser in tagging:

(1) A flashlight; (2) a marker, pen, and a piece of paper; or (3) a piece of plastic that’s very strong.

Each can be done quickly and very cheaply; laser is just a few thousand dollars less than all three of them. You can also use other, less powerful laser tags, which is not something I’m familiar with.

Here are some of our favorite techniques that laser tag practitioners use:

(1) In order to get the best, most accurate results, start with a laser tag that is just a few hundred nanometers, or billionths of a meter. That way, you can make your mark a few centimeters above anything on the ground. You’ll get your desired results in a few seconds.

(2) Next, use a few inches of an opaque piece of paper over the tag, and use it as a template to draw the name of your artist or group on.

(3) Once you get the first name, get it exactly at the same spot in the paper. (The paper will hold the name on the surface and make it invisible for the human eye.) If needed, you can add more paper to the surface. As you get more accurate, you can make the name larger or smaller.

(4) Lastly, you can add tags to the paper at a speed of up to 2mm a minute, then go back to the paper to add more, repeating the process until you can cover your head with them. Do this as often as you need

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