What is gesso spray? – Spray Paint Art Ideas Easy

Gesso spray is a combination of sodium hydroxide and water. It is also called liquid soap and liquid soap base, because it is used in the preparation of liquid soap soaps and shampoos. The sodium chloride dissolved in a solution (sodium hydroxide) is water. This is a very soft, white liquid. The sodium hydroxide is used as an emulsifying agent in many soaps and shampoos. The sodium hydroxide is removed by a chemical reaction with water. This is the part which is the basis of most soaps and shampoos.

Gesso Spray Ingredients:

Sodium hydroxide:

– 99% sodium chloride

– Contains less than 1% sodium hydroxide, which makes it safe on food


– Is also added to the Sodium hydroxide solution in order to form a gelling agent

Sodium Hydroxide is also used in the production of sodium hydroxide free soap (free of the sodium hydroxide) and free of sodium chloride. This is why this soaps and shampoos have low sodium content.

The sodium chloride (sodium hydroxide) dissolved in water acts as a thickener, by creating a gel which is then able to separate. It creates the gelled substance which you see floating onto a surface which is often used for cleansing.

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Do you need it?

Gesso is an alternative to dish soap and it is used to moisturise, soothe and moisturise. Gesso is also used to add colour to a dish.

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