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Gesso spray is an oil based spray to be applied around an infected sore to help heal. Gesso is the lubricant that causes lubricating agents to form along the affected area. The skin needs to heal.

Who should get gesso spray?

People with conditions such as cellulitis, rheumatoid arthritis and meningitis should take gesso spray.

Who should not get gesso spray?

You should not get gesso spray if you:

have a high fever

are allergic to penicillin G, or any antibiotics or other treatments for rheumatic or autoimmune conditions

have open sores that don’t heal on their own

have a wound that is infected

get the gel stuck to the skin

are pregnant

Do I need surgery if gesso spray is prescribed?

Gesso spray is approved for a short period of time for use. You will have to see your doctor before you start the medication regularly or more often if you have multiple infections.

Some people with open sores may need to spend more time in surgical appointments.

You could have an allergic reaction to gesso and be allergic to penicillin. You may have an allergic reaction while you are taking gesso.

You could also have an anaphylactic reaction. A lot of people have very minor reactions when using gesso spray.

How should I take gesso spray?

Gesso comes in a tablet or liquid form.

Use caution if you have diabetes or are pregnant.

For the first two days, take the tablets as directed. You may not feel any difference until the third day.

Take one tablet every four hours for two to three days.

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Then you may stop the medication to take a nap or walk in the garden.

You may have to take the gesso every day as directed.

You may need to take more than four tablets at a time.

Gesso may have side-effects and you may need to see a doctor about them.

You can change the amount of tablets you take from twice daily to four or more times a day depending on how bad the sore is.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. You may not need to take it again.

In some cases, if you need to

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