What type of paint is Krylon Fusion? – Wall Spray Paint Artist Near Me

The paint is a combination of Krylon and other colorants.

Can Krylon Fusion do a better job than Krylon?

No. Krylon Fusion is not intended to replace Krylon’s superior product.

What will happen to my paint?

The paint will be remanufactured and you will need special Krylon Fusion decals to apply them.

Can Krylon Fusion handle the pressure and temperature of the paint?

Krylon Fusion is designed to handle very high pressure and in our first few uses we found it had the ability to handle the most heat and pressure. We are investigating ways to lower the pressure, temperature and heat with the hope that someday when we are finished with the paint we can return it to the same manufacturing specifications as in the first release of the paint. If that does occur, then so will it be our intent to do the same with any future versions of Krylon Fusion paint.

Will Krylon Fusion have any impact on the performance of my gun?

When working in such a high pressure area the paint can become volatile, and damage your gun’s finish. Krylon’s paint is designed to be corrosive and will burn with little to no problem as long as the pressure remains constant, and has no effect on the performance of your gun.

What are the limitations of Krylon Fusion?

You must be an experienced DIY’er to make high pressure paint, as our formula contains a lot of ingredients and heat has a dramatic effect on what can be done. Krylon Fusion is a color coating, so if you are already experienced at cutting, grinding and mixing paint, you are able to do the job successfully. If you have never done these things, we have provided instructions to help you get started.

What about safety?

Krylon Fusion is made with high-pressure sodium bicarbonate. This is a solvent and should not be used if the paint on your gun is not dry or has been in the air a long time. As with all airless color coating this is extremely reactive so you should use safety gloves when working in the fumes of the paint. Krylon Fusion will not damage paint or any exposed parts.

How do I know when I will get a release?

We are constantly working to develop new products and to get the best products for our customers. Once your order has been approved by us and shipped, we will be able to tell you when the paint has

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