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Rustoleum spray paint is used in conjunction with other products to create a “one to one” appearance. Rustoleum spray paint can be used with many other paints (but Rustoleum┬« cannot be used with many other paints). The rustoleum paint formula consists of 2 parts iron oxides and 1 part polymers that give it a one to one finish. The paint color is the best color available because the color is extremely durable and does not discolor the metal. However, the paint can be used for small areas and in a larger area if you choose to. You must carefully apply the paint with the appropriate equipment. Rustoleum spray paint is available in a variety of colors including:


Yellow Green


Pale Orange Yellow

Blue Orange

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Red White

White Blue Metallic

Blue Black

The rustoleum spray paint formulas, also called “Rustoleum” spray paint, are easy to apply and last longer than many other commercial paints. When you apply the Rustoleum spray paint, a small amount of the product is sprayed onto the metal. Some paint companies add another small amount to the metal to further make an impression. If you do not know how to spray the proper amount of paint onto metal, check out this YouTube video tutorial

Is Rustoleum spray paint safe to touch?

Rustoleum spray paint is safe to see how much you spray onto metal while using it. It is a great paint and will work as long as there are no exposed sparks from being used on metal. It works well for large areas like a shop or a home.

I use Rustoleum spray paint, but I’m unhappy with it. What do I do about it?

You should use the correct paint for the item that you want to decorate. If you use paint for a garage, you would probably use paint for a car at home. A couple tips:

Have a good idea of what you want to do before using Rustoleum spray paint. It is a great paint for small areas, but don’t apply too much color on a surface.

Use a high gloss varnish to protect the metal surface.

If the paint is not long lasting, you can use water based polymers on the metal surface which will provide much longer lasting results than spray paint.

I’d like to put Rustoleum spray paint on something I really don’t want

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