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Can I be certified for more than one type of paint?

Of course.

What are the different colors?

The four main colors on the canvas are white, gray, black and blue. When you place one piece of white in front of a blue rectangle, that’s what you get (we’re using a white rectangle to show how it looks). When you spray paint, a gray or black rectangle will be visible (this is the gray rectangle in the gray box).

Why are there different colors in the black and white frames?

The white frame has a light grey and black accent and also a blue tone. This adds a bit of extra depth and is a bit more realistic than simply painting a white rectangle in the middle of the black frame. On the other hand, a gray rectangle will also help create a slightly more realistic depth to it. This is more of a general rule than a rule. Each person will have their own preferences and the amount of color you use is only one of them.

How long does it take to get it done?

It depends on the size of your walls. On a wall of 50 square feet, it takes at least six hours.

How long will your project take?

I’ll give some good numbers, but take your time, take two, and that’s your estimate. Take your time and look up how long canvas painting is (I highly recommend looking it up). There has been some discussion about how long canvas painting generally takes. I personally can paint at a rate of one canvas a minute.

Do you ship pieces?

No, I do not have a gallery and we don’t sell pieces. You can view all the examples we provide as examples on my site (http://www.mccarty.net/gallery). Any piece I do not produce will typically be emailed to you. If you don’t see it, please send a message so we can try and get it. Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] if you have any issues.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. We are in Canada and have a warehouse in Toronto.

Can I use your products in another country?

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This is something we are very interested in, so we are looking into it! Our company is based out of Toronto.

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After more than two weeks of intense scrutiny and speculation,

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