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Mostly on your own time, of course! Paint is the easiest way to put your paint skills to the test, so whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just getting started, this is a great opportunity to practice!

Spraypainting is also a great way to get in touch with the creative mind in your mind, and it’s a way to get ideas going for anything from a personal project or a painting contest, to a business idea. Check out our page on building a spray painting business to learn more about the opportunities you have!

For most of the past century, the world’s leaders have had several reasons to consider military solutions in the Persian Gulf, where it is clear that Iran is developing a credible nuclear weapons capability. Now we’re learning that a similar logic still applies in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon’s official list of objectives for the 2014 war in the former communist government of Afghanistan includes a twofold one: eliminating Iran’s nuclear weapons program and restoring the country’s nuclear facilities. It also emphasizes restoring stability and governance for an impoverished country that’s had a brutal 12-year war against an armed Taliban, whose bombing of U.S. and coalition forces, and the kidnapping and murder of journalists, is widely accepted as part of its goal.

So how, exactly, does Iran fit into Afghanistan?

Blue Moon Shine Painting by Tony Vegas
“If you look at the historical record, there is no evidence that Iran is doing anything to destabilize the situation in Afghanistan. Iran has never asked for a position in Afghanistan,” says Dr. Richard Joffe, an expert on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program. “I have read a lot of material that suggests it does not want to play a role in Afghanistan, but it has always been very careful to not say or do anything that may be construed as a destabilizing role, because to do so would bring the region to its knees.”

That, in a nutshell, is the logic the Pentagon’s official list uses to justify its mission — and its long-term goal — of removing Iran from power in Afghanistan.

“You go on a trip to Afghanistan, and you see a big, beautiful country, full of colorful characters, and then you look up and you see some of the weapons sitting in tanks with their Iranian crew members. And that brings home, to a certain extent, how desperate they are to become nuclear states,” says Joffe.

In his role as a senior security official, Joffe was the top

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