Where did graffiti start?

A graffiti artist is just one person, so how did it come to be? The answer is not exactly clear. Although there have been many references to the word in graffiti throughout the years, the first instance to make the headlines was the creation of the famous ‘Degas’ mural by British graffiti duo S/t Graffiti. Graffiti legend Rick Astley, who helped create S/t Graffiti, said he first picked up the word after seeing a graffiti artist’s work and being intrigued by his work.

Where did it go?

Graffiti artists may have borrowed the term from S/t Graffiti, but the two were never the sole creators of this term. After many years of usage, many people began using ‘graff’ in place of the word in their own graffiti, and as time progressed, more and more people added this term to their own graffiti.

Was it common among graffiti artists?

Graffiti had its beginnings in graffiti art, primarily in New York, California, New England, and Europe during the ’70s and ’80s. According to experts, graffiti has been used by graffiti artists since the late 19th century, and by early 20th century graffiti was not the only form of ‘graffiti’ to be created (other than paintings and drawings). Since that time, graffiti artists have come to incorporate graffiti into their own style of expression, in their different work.

What about artists with similar styles within the same city?

The graffiti art forms within city, and the city’s residents who have access to the same kind of graffiti art forms. For example, New Yorkers who are part of the community of ‘New York Graffiti’ have a great relationship to graffiti art, and graffiti artists from around the world look to these same areas of New York city to create their original art forms.

What are the characteristics of graffiti in New York and outside of New York?

Graffiti is often created in different types of locations, such as public, commercial, or industrial landscapes, depending on the city. Generally, artists within New York are not able to copy a single style, but they often combine graffiti art in different ways. Some of the most common graffiti styles around the world include abstract, graphic, and urban.

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