Who makes Krylon spray paint?

When I bought the Krylon spray paint for my project, I used this photo to show how the product was used.

When you order Krylon spray paint and have the option to “pre-order” it, you are paying about $2 for the pre-order. I guess there’s no way to avoid that, but that’s kind of the price you are paying for convenience. But in my case I only had two pre-orders to make, and I just couldn’t make room for enough of them for my project with limited time on mine.

The Krylon spray paints I used to do the final coat were $10, and when the paint comes, it is $30. If you make a single use of each Krylon spray paint you buy, it is $24.50.

Why didn’t you use a spray bottle for this project?

I am the first to admit that the Krylon spray paint is hard to clean. It’s harder than regular paint. I use a paint scraper to clean the paint off of the machine and then put out a new coat of the paint to cover things like the inside of the nozzle. The spray bottle is not necessary for cleaning because of how the paint is sprayed, but the coating can be harder. You can see where I’ve added some primer below.

How much can you use?

You won’t need to do too much with the Krylon spray paint. The coating can be used on almost any surface. I’ve used it to cover a window in a building as a background and the inside of a door frame with the outside.

Why do you use spray paint?

When a project is complete, you have to get rid of the “glue” that holds all the components together. Since the Krylon coating doesn’t allow you to separate from the pieces, it works well. That means I can get away with using a large number of coats, which is important with small projects like this.

If you look at the photos below, you can see that I used three or four coats of Krylon spray paint on one side of the frame.

Here you can see the Krylon spray coating covering the other side of the frame.

The Krylon spray coating covers both sides of the frame and protects the inside of the nozzle from the weather. I’ve had a couple of rainstorms and been able to spray a quick coat all around.

The coating does not