Why do spray paint artists use fire? – Spray Paint Art Stencils

It’s fun to think about this… the flame in a spray painted house is cool and a little like an art project at times. And since we’re about to get a little nerdy in here with a few details about spray painting technique, a little fire and a little color can create a very special effect… something we’re going to dig really deep in the very first of our two posts. We’ll dig into the differences between the art and the fire on a small scale… then we’ll make a few tips to get your paint and fire done with ease.

Tutorial: Spray painting fire, the art AND the fire… this time we discuss how you can use a lighter to create a unique fire effect in your wall art.

What do spray painting techniques look like in pictures?

Well, a spray artist can vary quite a bit from the normal painter. Here are a few of the ways you can use fire to create your art… they all have a small amount of fire involved in every step…

1. Painted with heat

Giraffe collaborates with Las Vegas artist to paint a ...
One of the most popular, easy fire techniques is to paint your wall on a hot surface with a lighter. You can do this by heating up a little water using a heat gun or by starting the water at a low boil and using it later to heat up the water. The flame can then be directed into the wall, illuminating it. Since we’re using a fire, the walls are going to be pretty hot!

2. Painted with a gas or ligny

Another simple and popular technique is to spray a flame into a small amount of spray paint and then add a small amount of a fire to help bring it out. You can do this by filling a small container with a small amount of ligny or gas and heating it up. A flame will help illuminate the ligny or gas, which you can then heat with a lighter. We hope you don’t need to use a ligny or gas, but don’t be afraid to use them! They will add color to the project in our opinion… a little bit of smoke for a small amount of fire is nice.

3. Painted with a torch

Using the light from a lighted candle to light a wall creates a very cool and unusual fire effect. The flame of the candle is then used as a spotlight which is then drawn towards your painting. By using a torch it allows for a very subtle and unique glow to the wall.

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