Why is graffiti against the law?

Graffiti vandalism can be prosecuted under the Public Order Act 1981 if the person committing the offence intends or is reckless as to damage to:


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a person or a car, or

an animal

A sentence has to be imposed if one or both of these criteria are met.

The Public Order Act does not cover graffiti defacement or vandalism without the intent to distress or damage another person and so does not include the non-commercial use that happens today in the way that it is being used today in public squares.

How do I report graffiti to police?

This information is given under the Police Act 2002.

As one of the most sought after talent managers, Chris “The Dump Truck” Moore has set up his own empire in Nashville, Tenn. and this week is opening an office in New York City where he and his team of agents operate out of a former high school. Now with his two sons with another agency — Efrain Sanchez, Moore’s nephew — and his own company in the works, one would expect the now 60-year-old to have some sort of a family at stake, and this week he did, but the other reality check came when it came to his relationship with his son’s new agency, CAA.

In an interview with Billboard, Moore said that his son, Ransom, was in his sights, as was his wife, the Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Sarah Jarosz, and that all was being done. But Jarosz had a bigger beef in mind.

“He’s been a great client, but now he wants you to go to his agent,” Moore said to Billboard while on the phone from his apartment in Nashville. “I guess what they do is their business. They don’t come to my dad and tell him he has to go through his son. That’s one thing about these agencies: If you want to be a musician, you don’t get to be a musician if you try to be someone else.”

“But that’s all I will say,” Jarosz added. “I’m not a parent, and I’ve told them what I think of them. But I am supportive of him.”

Moore has dealt with a lot with his son and his wife. His son, who, according to his website, “grew up watching his dad do his thing, got his education and graduated with a degree in music education,” and has pursued music professionally