Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Spray Paint Art Supplies Needed For Watercolor Painting

The paint is supposed to dry out, and with the high percentage of water in this recipe, it won’t stay put. To avoid this, I add a layer of paper towel after I paint. In fact, this step will get rid of all of the water, but it will also help you see better.

Why does my Rustoleum paint have bumps and swirls? Is it water damage?

Rustoleum paints are water-based. Water causes paint to settle in cracks and holes, and this can cause swirls and bumps. Rustoleum paints have a matte finish that is much darker than painted finishes, but this does add a little blur to the edges. If you notice a swirl or bump, be sure to smooth it out. You can also get rid of the rust by lightly sanding the surface with 220-grit sandpaper, but that will not bring back the rust. Sanding only removes a little of the paint, so you will still need to paint something on the wood to finish it and give it some color.

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Jareth the Dragon: nice of you

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